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Hypnosis for Weight Loss

“There’s a huge emotional component to weight loss.”  Carnie Wilson


Losing weight and keeping it off can be a challenge or so it seems.  I have had my own journey with weight gain and loss and recognized that there was a significant emotional component to my weight gain.  The emotional piece can be a contributing factor in why people “yoyo”, that’s when they lose the weight and then gain it back.  Counting calories, counting carbs, eating Paleo, frequent exercise…I can go on listing the various ways weight can be shed and many are extremely effective, however, not all address maintaining that lost weight.  The missing factor is the emotional attachment (I must add a disclaimer here, sometimes there are medical factors in weight and I always recommend clients consult with their doctors first).  Without addressing the underlying issues behind eating and/or weight then exercise and diet may not create long lasting results.  For instance, if someone subconsciously feels safer at a larger size do you think he/she will keep the weight off?  The answer is “no”.  Our subconscious mind is quite convincing even if logically there’s no real danger and that’s when hypnosis can be highly effective in permanent weight loss.

I have researched emotional weight and found some common emotional and mental elements people experience in relation to their weight.

  • Food equals love: Some individuals grew up in a home where their guardians/parents would make large feasts as a way of demonstrating love.  To not finish one’s meal was to turn down that love “gift”.
  • Food fills a void: The loss of any kind can leave a person feeling empty
  • Food is a coping mechanism:
  • Weight is safety: For individuals who are survivors of sexual abuse/assault, some tend to have the unconscious belief that being larger makes them undesirable to those who would assault or harm them.

When the exercise and proper diet don’t produce permanent weight loss results, hypnosis may be the answer you are looking for. 

Does hypnosis work for weight loss?

Hypnosis for weight loss can be very effective.  Hypnosis works directly with the emotional issues, the issues that create a barrier between you and your ideal weight.  By rewiring and working with the unconscious belief system, hypnosis removes those barriers and then reinforces healthier habits with suggestions.  The hypnosis techniques I use can help you curb craving those high fat, high sugar foods, give you energy and motivation to move your body, and eliminates the emotional reasons for maintaining the excess weight.  I customize my hypnosis plan for each client so they can achieve optimal weight loss results.

What to expect after working with me:

You’ll experience more energy, less stress, increased motivation, more confidence, and other countless positive changes after a hypnosis session.  I can help you remove those pesky cravings that try to sabotage your hard work.  Once the emotional attachment to weight is gone you’ll WANT to exercise more and make healthier food choices.  I will also give you tools to tackle stress and anxiety that might have you turn to old weight gaining habits.   You will be taught a form of self-hypnosis that can reinforce the work we do together.  I can provide a list of local gyms, personal trainers, and nutritionists to help boost you towards your ideal body.

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