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Lani Watkins ~ Hypnosis Vancouver, WA

Achieving goals can be a challenging especially when there are underlying issues keeping us from moving forward.  Hypnosis tackles those challenges making change seem effortless.  You can go from feeling hopeless and stuck to feeling empowered and driven.  Don’t let old patterns and self talk hold you back from your dreams.

Together we can create a path to your goals.

Heartbreak and Hypnotherapy

Weight loss doesn’t have to be a constant battle of will.  Hypnosis can help you lose and maintain healthy weight loss.

Weight Loss & Hypnosis
Anxiety and Hypnotherapy

Fears can immobilize us to the point we are no longer able to do the things we want, the things we love to do.  I can help you move past your fears and towards hope.

Fear & Hypnosis
Anxiety and Hypnotherapy

The heart races and we either freeze, fight, or run.  What if I can help you get to a place of calm and peace?

Anxiety & Hypnosis
Anxiety and Hypnotherapy

Starting a family is magical unless you’re struggling to get pregnant.  Hypnosis is a proven and natural method to becoming fertile.

Heartbreak & Hypnosis

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