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About Lani


LANI-WATKINSI have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  I am currently registered in Washington state as a Hypnotherapist and have education in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).  During my graduate program I had course work specializing in emotional trauma.  I have since used my education and personal experience to work with survivors of sexual assault, developmentally delayed adults, and those suffering from depression and anxiety.  I had a private counseling practice for over a year and transitioned to doing hypnotherapy.  Tapping the subconscious through hypnosis can help clients heal emotional pain and physical pain quickly since it bypasses our critical thought process and goes straight to the emotional brain.   My office is located just north of lovely downtown Vancouver, WA.  I’m your go-to person for hypnosis in Vancouver, WA.


I love helping others since childhood.  I spent my childhood in different states.  Born in Hawaii my parents moved the family to Florida when I was 4 and then to Texas when I was 9.  We made our way back to Hawaii after my 12th birthday where I survived Hurricane Iniki.  My personal experience with trauma has only intensified my desire to help others through their pain and suffering.  I have had 2 divorces and spent a lot of time raising 2 amazing sons.  I know how paralyzing heartbreak can be and how it can put us into a downward tailspin where the world seems completely hopeless.

I realized with my own journey and personal process how fear and pain can prevent an individual from achieving goals and dreams.  I heard that great things in life don’t come easy and if there’s fear or pain involved it makes those great things seem even further.  I faced many of my fears and processed many of my own pains, including physical, and now I feel confident I can help you too.

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