Heartbreak and Hypnosis


“I think many people can relate to the excruciating pain of love gone wrong.  I’d rather have a broken arm than a broken heart.”  Christie Brinkley

I know firsthand how painful a broken heart can be.  Often there are therapists and groups who support those who have lost loved ones to death but there isn’t much help for those who experienced a bad break-up and/or divorce.  We can go to our friends and family for emotional support and sometimes they say or do the wrong thing that just seems to make the pain worse.

Heartbreak can have a serious impact on our lives and has physical consequences like insomnia, chest pressure, stomach problems and so much more.  There are even stages of grief that have been outlined in the Kubler-Ross model: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  Unfortunately, heartbreak and grief never really follow a linear pattern and it can look more like a loop where stages repeat, or one never leaves a particular stage at all or just skips to depression and never hits acceptance.   A loss of a relationship is a painful loss and the results can mimic the pain of loss to death.

When the emotional wounds are fresh it can be difficult to know where to turn for help.  Hypnosis may be the answer you are looking for.

How can hypnosis help a broken heart?

People say that it takes time to heal a broken heart, but what if you can speed up the healing process with hypnosis?  Hypnosis can address several things that alleviate the pain of heartbreak.  Because the pain behind heartbreak is unique to each person I cater my approach to fit your personal needs.  Hypnosis can help you see the relationship from a different perspective and provide healthy insights that inevitably ease the heartache and provide a learning experience that can be applied to the next relationship.

I have a program that can ease your broken heart due to the loss of a partner regardless of who ended the relationship.  I can assist you in moving from a place of extreme heartache to a path of healing and emotional health.  You will experience relaxing sessions of hypnosis along with tools to take with you to use when you are triggered or reminded of the relationship.

What to expect after working with me:

A sense of peace about your ended relationship

Memories of your ex-partner will not trigger an emotional break-down

A feeling of hope for your future

A feeling of closure regardless of actual closure with your ex-partner

Accelerated emotional healing

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